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An evil sorcerer attempts to deter Vicky, the charming fairy, from collecting magic petals by sending off voracious spiders, his crafty minions, into the blooming meadows of Petalville!

Introducing new characters of World of Magic Petals

The spiders won’t allow you form groups of three or more flowers. These devour flowers, but are not able to swallow more than three. Once the spider eats three flowers, it becomes so stuffed that it bursts. Get rid of the depredators by matching the flowers around them. 

The malicious sorcerer has also cast a spell on the flowerpot in certain levels. This means, you won’t be able to swap the flowers using Space bar or the right mouse button. 

Help Vicky break the wicked spells and save her friends! Play Magic Petals on Facebook now: http://apps.facebook.com/magicpetals/