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So you’ve beaten your friend’s score on a particular level. Want to share it? Well, we’ve added a tiny piece of competitive spirit to our new matching game. From now on, you can tease your friend by sharing your results when you outscore him/her on his/her Facebook timeline! 

On top of that, a new gameplay element has been included to add some curious extra challenge to Magic Petals. They are called “Dark Clouds”. All the elements shrouded in these Dark Clouds are hexed. They can’t be neither matched nor dropped. All the flowers that hit the Dark Clouds immediately disappear from the playing field. Keep that in mind as you strive to dominate Magic Petals!

All the elements in the Dark Clouds are unavailable. Flowers that hit this area immediately disappear.

And last but not the least, we’ve now granted you a way to achieve extra crystals. Now you can watch short videos, complete tasks and get rewarded for it! 

We’d also like to hear back from you! As you might have already noticed, after completing a level you can now vote for the level you’ve just played. Like or Dislike! We want to create the type of game that you love playing the most. For that reason, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Play Magic Petals on Facebook, earn extra crystals and don’t forget to cast a vote for the level you enjoyed at: http://apps.facebook.com/magicpetals/