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Along with the recent Google policy update, Google Chrome v. 42 and up is no longer able to support Unity Web Player plugin. The good news is you can still launch Magic Petals in your Chrome browser. Just follow these three steps:

  • - Paste this link into the Chrome address bar: ‘chrome://flags/#enable-npapi’ and press ‘Enter’;
  • - Click ‘Enable’ in the Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows section;
  • - Reopen your Google Chrome browser or reboot your PC.


If it isn’t working or the game doesn’t start, we recommend you use another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

We have also updated the game and optimized the difficulty of certain levels. So, if there are some levels you’ve been stuck on, go ahead and give them another go! Lastly, you’ll also notice refined art and animations in along with other general improvements and bug fixes.

Play Magic Petals on Facebook in your Google Chrome browser and check out these all-new features now: http://apps.facebook.com/magicpetals/