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An evil-minded sorcerer dreams to become the king of PetalVille, a magical Kingdom of Flowers. He has cast a spell on all the members of the royal family and their friends, all except Victoria, the little fairy princess. To save them she is desperate to make a magic potion, which she can do by collecting magic petals.

World of Magic Petals now live on Facebook

Along with a beautiful fairy, the player embarks on a fascinating journey across the magical Kingdom of Flowers. This vividly charming and extremely enchanting matching game is already awaiting match game enthusiasts on Facebook right now.

The World of Magic Petals features:

  • - Use magical boosters to help you beat tricky levels;
  • - Explore flourishing environments and meet the cutest characters of PetalVille;
  • - Plethora of beautiful, enchanting levels;
  • - Colorful graphics with a lovely scent of flowers;
  • - Relaxing atmosphere of blooming meadows;
  • - Leaderboards to compete with your friends on;
  • - Complete different floral levels and win crystals;
  • - Addicting gameplay: easy to start, tough to get unhooked!


Magic petals on Facebookhttp://apps.facebook.com/magicpetals/